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Contact us today to get your free quote for your event! We have arches, backdrops and more that can be rented out, if you need a free standing installation. We look forward to talking with you! 

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Bougie Balloons:

We charge $15 a foot for balloons 6 feet and over ($20 a foot for 5 feet and under)

$25 for delivery and set up

$50 giant helium balloon with custom writing 

Extras charged as needed for specialty balloons

$60 Floral Walls (Pink Roses, White Hydrangeas, or Succulent)

$125 Boho Wood Backdrop

$25 Neon Sign Rental (Better Together)

$20 Floral Rental (Pampas, Dried Palm Arrangement, etc)

Structure Rentals TBD depending on type (Hexagon, Circle, Triangle, Lace Teepee, Balloon Arch, Balloon Columns)


Alpha Lit Marquee Light Up Letters:

$60 a number (4 feet tall)

$50 a letter or character (hashtag, & sign, heart, etc.) (3 feet tall)

$100 MR & MRS topper (1.5 feet tall, sits on top of last name)

$50 THE topper (1 foot tall, sits on top of last names or can be used in wording)

$10 a letter to change the bulb color (standard white is included in base cost)

$99 delivery and set up

$100 stacking fee 


$25 delivery and set up fee, if you use both Bougie Balloons and Alpha Lit together ($99 delivery fee for Alpha Lit is waived). (Additional delivery fees charged based off size of order and mileage as necessary.)


Let us know how big you’d like or what you’re hoping for and we’ll get you an estimate! Please note that nothing is guaranteed until you get the invoice paid and only then will it be added to our calendar. Until then, someone may come in and book and take the spot, if you haven’t paid and committed. Thanks for understanding! 

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