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About Me


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Bougie Balloons was founded in 2020 in St. George, Utah by Kris Archer, who has been involved in Event Planing in Marketing since 2014. Kris feels like celebrating life’s big milestones is one of the best things to spend time and effort on, so this was a perfect thing for her and her family!


Kris moved to St. George in December of 2019 after living in Asheville, NC. As a Utah native, Kris always knew that if they moved back to Utah it would be to the beautiful Red Cliffs of Southern Utah. Since COVID started in 2020, she missed the big event planning that she was used to in her career and thought it would be fun to get back into the game on a local level.. Kris noticed that in all of the big industry parties she would host she would always add balloons in different ways and felt that this would be a fun venture to start. 


Kris loves balloons because it can addd to the theme of your party by pulling all of the colors in, fills a lot of space, and is visually appealing- it adds such a POP! Kris is married, is a mother of three girls who love helping her in this business, and a fur mom to three dogs. Kris loves being creative and would love to help you with any of your party needs- the more custom the better! 


Contact her at (435) 841-0704 or Follow on instagram @bougieballoonsstgeorge.

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